Ran with the club last night – first time in a couple of weeks –and really enjoyed catching up with friends and running with the pack.

Some wanted to know how the marathon training was going and one commented that I seemed to be just getting on with it. I breathlessly (start of the run and just getting into a rhythm) replied that I was just putting in the training and that it was tough but going well. “So no drama then? Marathon training always has its dramas.” she asked. (I should add that she is an experienced runner and has run many races up to marathon distance.)

This made me think about what kind of dramas could be faced in marathon training and if I had faced them already.

So there is injury – had pain in my calf, took a few days off running, it got better.

Illness – felt a bit rubbish after a few bad nights’ sleep, took a day off training, slept, felt better.

Bad runs – the longer distances (up to 18 miles now) are tough but I expected them to be.

Kit failures – the lovely bum bag my husband bought me for Christmas was fine when I was wearing layers but now it’s warming up it’s too big and irritates the hell out of me. Tried a few on in my local running shop, jumped up and down in them and filled the pockets with the kind of stuff I usually carry (with the addition of some gels by the amused shop owner!). Bought a new one.

Blisters – bought new shoes, first longer run in them got a blister. Asked the online #runmummyrun community for advice. Got loads and hoping to avoid another one.

Baring really serious stuff, I think this covers the main running ‘dramas’? So now I’m thinking it’s not the setbacks that are a problem, it’s how you deal with them. I’m doing my best to stay level-headed about any issues that arise and not worry about missing the occasional session if I feel over-tired. Hoping this approach will avoid the ‘dramas’ and I can keep putting in the miles.