Having dodged it for two years, Covid finally caught up with me a couple of weeks ago. When I was starting to feel a bit better, I looked for information on returning to running post-Covid. What I found was really mixed, with some coaches suggesting treating it like a cold and resuming running as soon as you felt like it and others advising a slower, staged return to any exercise.

I also found people’s experiences of Covid very different. Some had very mild symptoms and continued running throughout, others felt completely lousy and struggled with breathing issues and a lack of energy for weeks after. Most didn’t know where to start and how to build back up to where they were pre-Covid.

So I created the ‘Return to Running – Covid Edition’ guide/plan. This plan is free to download and share (but please don’t nick it and use it for commercial purposes!). It works in stages instead of weeks and is a very gradual return to running. Before starting it, you need to be symptom-free and not on any medications. If you had any complications as a result of catching Covid, or spent time in hospital, please get medical advice before starting any exercise.

And if you do make use of this, please listen to your body and if you need to rest, rest.

Any questions, please drop me an email: coach@trainrunrepeat.co.uk.