My last post talked about being unwell thanks to viruses and hayfever-induced asthma. I’m still not back up to where I’d like to be with running and it sucks. So what does any self-respecting runner do to cheer themselves up? Buy more kit of course…  this time a pair of shorts and capris as one my favourite online kit shops just happened to have a deal at the exact point I was feeling most sorry for myself. (How do they do that…?)

Whoever said running was a cheap hobby hasn’t looked at the range of kit available. If you’re starting out, shoes and a decent sports bra are essentials, but it doesn’t take long to start accumulating drawers full of lovely kit (that is all just as essential!).


It might start with a pair of leggings and a t-shirt in a technical fabric. Then as you start to run more, you realise you need more kit. The seasons change and a waterproof jacket is added, along with long-sleeved tops and maybe a base layer, and gloves, and a hat. You get a long hot summer and the shorts and vest tops arrive in the draw, along with sunglasses, caps and visors.

And then there’s the tech. You start with a basic running watch and maybe something to listen to music on. Then you upgrade your watch (I’m on my third in as many years!) and look for better ways to carry your tunes with you.

And you need to carry this with you. And your phone. And as you run further you need to carry fuel and water, so a running belt makes its way into the drawer.

There are ways to make running more affordable. I’ve sold unused kit through a second hand Facebook page set up by Run Mummy Run and some of my best purchases have come from Aldi and other supermarkets and a range of clothing stores, including Primark.

And if you know which running shoes work for you, shop around. Some online retailers, such as, offer last season’s colours and models at reduced prices.

Runners aren’t generally a judgemental bunch. They won’t care if your kit is Primark or the latest technical kit from Nike, they’ll just be happy to see another person enjoying running.