This Sunday I’m walking the three peaks in North Yorkshire. This is feeling strangely outside my comfort zone. I would definitely feel more comfortable running it.

I’ve bought a whole new set of kit – walking boots, walking trousers, rucksack, waterproof, walking poles etc etc. I need to work out what food and water I can carry. I’m checking the weather forecast every hour or so (so far it’s looking fairly dry) to see if I need to buy waterproof trousers.

And then there’s the actual walking. I don’t do a lot of actual walking. I walk the kids to school, I walk to the local shops and I walk around the local country parks. I don’t walk up big hills or for longer than an hour at a time. That’s a whole new level of walking – no pun intended.

But I’m really looking forward to it. I love a challenge and I’m not doing it alone. There are nine of us – all from the running club and all women. I’m looking forward to the space, the chat, the fresh air and escaping what is a very stressful life at the moment – even if it’s just for a couple of days.

I expect it’ll be tough for all of us at times – but we’re all made of strong stuff and I have no doubt we’ll make it.

So I’ll keep hoping for good weather and I look forward to sharing the photos from the weekend.