Last night was the running club’s annual fancy dress run and social. Something we all look forward to and a chance to have a relaxed short run and catch up before Christmas. This year’s run was definitely Type 2 fun leaning towards Type 3 (absolute non-fun) after the first mile.

It was hammering it down. We were all soaked through waiting for the group to assemble and then it just got worse – the puddles were massive, gutters were struggling with the amount of water coming down and in places the pavements and roads resembled streams. Some of the group braved full fancy dress; the rest of us went for waterproofs and tinsel or a santa hat.

Fortunately as it tipped into Type 3 fun we made it to the club president’s house for the social bit. Around 30 soggy runners entered the house, removing sodden running shoes and padded to the kitchen for mulled wine and warm mince pies in equally sodden socks. We jostled for a spot in front of the open fire and then relaxed. There was more food, lots of catching up and a raffle with some great prizes (I even won one!).

Getting drenched aside, it was a lovely evening and a reminder of why running clubs are about more than just running. As we headed back into the rain and cold to retrieve our cars and head back home, I couldn’t help but feel warm inside and grateful to be part of such a great group of people. I’m looking forward to sharing more running adventures with them in 2019.