After running the Beacon Hill half at the beginning of October I’ve been reading about running a lot… but not actually doing much of it! That race was tough (but with great bling and beer) and really zapped my energy and legs for a few days after.

Then I went on a family holiday which was pretty active but I only managed to squeeze one 5k in. And I ran on Sunday with my lovely group of running ladies (and two men this week – scandalous! ).  Now I have a cold and little motivation as the nights are darker and runs are back to being about avoiding dog poo.

But I am reading about running a lot.

The three books that have had me hooked have been about pretty awe-inspiring feats.  First it was ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall – apparently a classic (although I hadn’t heard of it!) and lent to me by one of the lovely Sunday ladies. It’s about ultrarunning and Mexican Indians and the Copper Canyon race. Really well written and after the first few chapters I couldn’t put it down.

Then, browsing in a bookshop I found a tome by one of the ultrarunners featured in the book – Scott Jurek. His book – ‘Eat and Run’ – is part autobiography, part training manual and part recipe book. It’s a fascinating insight into the world of ultrarunning and the sacrifices and work needed to succeed in the sport. And wow – was he successful!

Finally, a friend recommended ‘Feet in the Clouds’ by Richard Askwith. I’m about half way through this one which is centred on the fell running scene in the UK (so far) and the Bob Graham Round (a fell running challenge in the Lake District covering 42 peaks).

I’ve read  a lot of running books and have found I have related to, or taken inspiration from, all of them. And I’m still looking for recommendations. Which books have inspired you?


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