Last night my planned PT session was postponed until later in the week. The only day we could squeeze it in was Thursday – the day I usually run intervals with the running club. So I decided to do a straight swap and run a speed intervals session.

Speed intervals in the dark in a hilly village are tricky – picture avoiding lampposts, dog crap and dog walkers dressed like ninjas while checking pace and time on the Garmin – and so it was treadmill time. I’m lucky to have a decent, second-hand treadmill in the garage, so no excuses and no need to travel to the gym.

The main problem for me with treadmills is boredom. The furthest I’ve managed on this one is five miles (I’d intended six, but had completely had enough by five). But, they are great for short speed work sessions. Last night it was ten minutes warm up, five minutes fast with one minute recovery, three times, and then ten minutes cool down – 38 minutes in total.

With the help of the Alt. 90s playlist from Radio 6, it was all over pretty quickly. I ramped the speed up to a level that was tough but achievable and was able to keep it consistent without checking my watch every few seconds. Result.

After last winter’s extremely cold weather, when there were weeks when we struggled to walk or drive down our road and training was frequently cancelled due to icy conditions, we thought the treadmill would be a good investment. But if we do get similar conditions, I may have to come up with different ways to alleviate boredom it I’m to keep the marathon training on track.

Any suggestions…?

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