I have a Personal Trainer. I had a gym membership but cancelled it as I never went. But after picking up an injury at the end of last year, a physio recommended I do strength work to prevent further injuries.

A running friend recommended a PT that was also a runner and I’ve been training with him since January. Last night was a particularly tough session both physically and mentally and I realised five things:

  1. I’ll never compete on Ninja Warrior

I would fall off the first obstacle that requires me to use upper body strength. Last night’s session was core and arms, with the arms being all bodyweight exercises. I struggled, swore and sweated my way through endless pull-ups and dips. My shoulders are still slightly shaky and luckily I haven’t had to lift my arms above my head yet today.

  1. But I’m stronger than I think

I did full sit-ups, with a weight, for a total of four and half minutes. When I started I couldn’t do one.

  1. If you put your mind to it you can do it

I really struggled with one particular exercise – pull ups with a narrow grip. I managed the first five, but needed to do a further 10, then 15, then 10 and then a final five. It felt impossible, my hands were slipping and I had nothing left. So I broke it down to small bits – two or three pull ups at a time – and completed all the sets. I could have given up (I think – although I may not have got away with it!) but I pulled up my big girl pants and got on with it.

  1. Even the worst and hardest things come to an end

The session was an hour. There was not one exercise I liked and all of them felt really tough. Then it was over.

  1. A bit of encouragement and praise goes a long way

Sometimes you need someone to tell you you can do it and it’s always nice to have your efforts recognised. I did my best to convince myself I was strong enough to get through the session, but without encouragement from my PT I would have picked up my water bottle and towel and gone home to eat pizza.